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What to wear

All members are required to wear:


  • A competition leotard and skirt – this can be purchased from approved suppliers or you can have one custom made (see below for supplier information).

  • The leotards are not to be worn to class.  They are special and for competitions only.  Appearance is important and leotards need to be clean with no marks or food stains.

  • Silver split sole ballet shoes with silver elastics – 2 metres of elastic is required.

  • Skin tone, full footed or stirrup, shimmer stockings may be worn from 11-12 year old age group.

  • Fishnet stockings or shimmer stockings must be worn from the 13-14 year old age group.  Capezio stirrup fishnets in toffee colour.

  • Make up and spray tanning is optional from the 13-14 year age group up.  Girls in the 4-12 year age groups are not allowed to wear makeup or spray tan

  • Hair is required to be in a neat up-style.  Short hair needs to be pulled back off the face with soft curls

  • Hair accessories can be worn to match the leotards – please ask us for more details on what is appropriate. No glitter hairspray

  • Girls competing in a team for The Heights will be required to purchase a team leotard and skirt.



The following suppliers are approved Edith Parson's providers for our competition wear.

Neon Dancewear, Leotards

Neon Dancewear provides:

  • Leotards

  • Skirts

  • Silver split sole ballets + elastics

  • Fishnets and stockings

  • Custom Bling

Neon Dancewear


M:  0402 919 388


Grand Active, Leotards

Grand Active provides:

  • Leotards

  • Skirts

  • Silver split sole ballets + elastics

  • Custom Bling

Grand Active


M:  0412 236 467


Bloch Dancewear

Bloch provides:

  • Silver split sole ballets

Diamond, Diamante

Sydney Diamante provides:

  • Swarovski Diamantes

Sydney Diamante


M:  (02) 9153 7408


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