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What are competitions?

Competitions give our members an opportunity to perform in front of an audience which will increase their self-confidence whilst making new friendships along the way.

Interclub Competitions

Interclubs are mini practice competitions.  One club will host the event and invite other clubs to participate.  These competitions provide a great opportunity for girls to perform their syllabus in a relaxed competition environment.  These are not compulsory to attend but we do encourage all girls to attend at least one interclub especially if you are considering entering the individual Champion Girl section held later in the year.  An entry fee for competitors is charged by the host club.



Champion Girl Competitions

Level 1 – Zone Competitions – this is where the same aged girls from all different clubs come together to perform their syllabus.  These competitions are judged with girls being chosen to progress through to the State Finals (level 2).

Level 2 – State Final Competitions – this is the next stage of competition.  The girls chosen at level 1 will compete again with the girls who were chosen at our North Coast zone level 1 competitions.  From this Level 2 competition the best 12 girls in each age group will be selected to progress to the State Grand Finals (level 3).

Level 3 – State Grand Finals – Twelve girls/ladies from each age section will compete for the chance to be awarded “Grand Champion Girl”.  Six places are given in each section, plus a dance award.  The State Grand Finals are held at the Sydney Town Hall with the day ending with a “Parade of Champions” celebrating all the “Grand Champion Girls”.

Team Competitions

Team competitions are open to all girls 7 years and over.  Six girls from the same age group, from our club, will perform their syllabus together in formation.  This team of six girls will be entered to compete against other girls/teams of the same age.  They are judged on timing, positions, routines, marching, etc.

Please be aware that every effort will be made to include all girls in a team, however, it may occur that there are too many girls for six positions and/or not enough girls to put a team together.  This will mean that some girls unfortunately may not be placed in a team.

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